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Written by Kevin Mick   
Saturday, 11 November 2006 19:00

In Europe, carp fishing is a well established and expanding sport where catching carp is by far the most popular branch of freshwater fishing by miles. Since the 1940's, English carp fishing specialists started to develop a huge array of rods, reels, tactics and baits. In 1952 Richard Walker shot to fame when he caught a 44lb common carp from Redmire Pool in England; shortly after this, carp fishing started its momentous gain carp-29lb-12oz.jpginto the mainstream European sport we know today.

Most bass fisherman in the US used to label carp as trash fish, though recently through publicity and education from groups like American Carp Society and CAG more and more fishermen in the US now seem to realize how challenging and exciting carp fishing really is. This year (2006) has been very eventful for carp fishing in the United States and is indicative of the growing interest in carp. Much publicity has been gained through such factors as Al St. Cyr winning $250,000's for catching a 43.18lb common carp from Town Lake in Austin, Texas during a tournament setup by The American Carp Society. As you can see, carp fishing has the potential to add a new dimension to the sport of angling in the United States and could someday rival bass as the most popular freshwater sport fish.

The availability of carp and the water they inhabit will also help tremendously in the growth of this sport. Most people use American set-ups when they first get into carp fishing as a good selection of carp fishing equipment and bait is hard to find in stores within the United States, this is becoming less of a problem with e-commerce taking up this niche. Some of these stores have setup in the US and import the euro carp gear to sell online, while others will ship directly from Europe. A very few companies are presently manufacturing their own gear in the US, though this trend is likely to change with the future growth of this magnificent sport.

This website contains information on carp fishing and tackle to hopefully help some of the void that presently exists in the US world of carp fishing. We hope to become an independent, educational, fun and social community devoted to the sport of fishing for carp as well as to introduce the sport to more people in the USA. If you would like to experience this sport and ever find yourself in Austin, TX use the contact us form that you will find linked from the top menu.

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