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Written by Kevin Mick   
Saturday, 24 March 2007 06:19

Saturday 24th March 2007

I got down to Town Lake about midday and a few had caught though it was very patchy. This was a good day for me even though i did not fish as it gave me a chance to meet some of the people I had conversed with on the forums. I got to meet Wayne, Mark, Paul England, Paul P, David M, James and many more.

Ist street bridge was doing well for Paul P and Paul E last I heard having 7 fish between 13-30lbs

Mark had a 27lb, Radu beat his pb twice in one day, having a 37.6 and 39.7lb, well done on that.

Waynes team (the last I heard) were in the lead I think it was 14 fish for 180lb.

James from UK playing a carp.


James with the end result