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1st Street Bridge 28th March 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 19:00

I got down to the lake for first light. I had decided to fish under 1st Street bridge as it had been doing well during the CAG tournament. There was a lot of carp activity on the east side of bridge. I had left the sweetcorn at home so I set one rod up using a popup and the other two with scopex flavoured boilies. Today was the first time I had used funnel PVA, I used to use PVA stringers though it's quicker using a funnel and also you don't have the problem of the string not dissolving if the boilies are nudged close together on a long cast. After about 2 hours Andew and James from England turned up and fished the west side of the bridge, they told me they had baited up the night before, that explained all the carp activity. Andrew was after buffalo carp (they don't have them in UK), so he was using smaller baits. I was blanking quite successfully, so I went over to speak with the guys. I was amazed at how many things had changed in the 10+ years or so I had not been carp fishing, thanks guys you taught me a lot. These guys are hard core they carp fish at least 60 nights a year and even though they had a hotel at nights they were fishing at 360 bridge as you are not supposed to fish Town Lake between 10pm and 5am. Well Andrews commitment paid off as you can see by the picture below 38lb 10oz buffalo carp.


Way to go Andrew. I was still blanking extremely well, I had a good take only to reel in and find the hook wrapped round the lead, so I guessed the carp had picked up the boilie and ran with it not getting hooked as it didn't have the hook in its mouth. An hour or so later Andrew had a screamer I saw his 31/2 lb test curve, tip action rod bend nearly half way down, so I knew it was a sizable carp and surely not a buffalo. A few seconds later the line went slack, when he reeled in the hook had straightened. What a bummer? Well like a trooper he accepted responsibility and said he had gave it to much stick as he knew that if he had let it get to the bridges structure it would have cut the line and he had been using power pro to catch the buffs instead of a thick monofilament line that he knew was better suited to abrasion. Unlucky guy I felt for ya! Have a safe trip back to Blighty.

I decided I need more powerful rods, groundbait for carp works. I was using monofilament main line and braided hook length, Andrew was using braided main line and monafilament hook length. (Saves on tangles huh?) I will have to wait until next week to get my 40 lol

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