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Carp Fishing 1st St. Bridge 6th March 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Monday, 05 March 2007 19:00

I was having high expectations for today after the crazy day I had on Tuesday. I got off to a bad start even though I got up earlier a set of events led me to get down at the lake at 8am. I now had the 30lb power pro so I was confident was not going to get snapped off today.

From the very start of the day I was getting some really weird bites and even now I am not sure what was causing them, I was getting some really fast 2 inch runs (if thats what you could call them) and lots of twitching on the end of the rod for many minutes after. Once I reeled in the boilie was pretty much chewed up. I was blaming the turtles, so I started casting to deeper water but that didn't solve anything. I struck a couple and on one I connected for a couple of seconds before it threw the hook still not knowing what was causing these weird bites.

Eventually one of these bites ended with a slow run, I struck and and it ended up being a catfish. I am wondering if that is what was causing all the rest of these weird bites.


This catfish albiet small fought pretty hard and I really thought it was a common carp until I saw it. Well at least I hadn't blanked.

Eventually I had a good run, I was right up against the 2nd strut of the bridge and straight away it was heading underneath the bridge, so I put some pressure on the spool to slow the clutch down "snap" I was like what? 30lb power pro breaking that easy, no way. Anyway I was using Nash pre tied hook lengths, maybe 12-15lbs breaking strain, by the looks of it; the knot near the hook gave way. A good lesson, now I am going to tie my own with Power Pro.

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