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Best ever days Carp Fishing at Town Lake so far. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Saturday, 09 June 2007 19:00

22maybe2.jpgI just realised that I need to add a date to these entries as they are dated with the published date not the date it happened, I will try editing them at the backend.

Sunday 10th June 2007

Carp Fishing at Austin's finest Town Lake.
I got there about 3.30pm that I can remember, I really need to enter these blogs right after while they are fresh in my mind, I even had to text my friend Joseph to ask him what the Carp weighed. If my ADD wasn't so bad I'd write it down while it was happening. Anyway I just bought a laptop especially to take Carp Fishing, so lets see what my excuse is next time.

I was using my usual tactics, the lake was flowing slightly, maybe one floodgate open. I got the 1st carp about 20mins after casting out, if i remember right not all my rods were out. I certainly wasn't organized and really felt a fool not having my unhooking mat, forceps, scales and weigh sling out. At least I had the landing net ready, I landed the 1st carp on my own as Joseph had not shown up yet, hence the picture of it in the weigh sling - 25lb


5.10pm - 22lb Common Carp (see top left)

5.17pm - 15lb Common Carp

6.03pm My first ever Town Lake Mirror Carp 16lb


7.08pm 25lb Common Carp


8.02pm 15lb Common Carp

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