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Carp Fishing in Flood Conditions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Sunday, 08 July 2007 19:00

July 9th 2007

1577-29lb-12oz-common-c.jpgWell I hadn't been carp fishing for nearly a month because of the flood conditions, we have had constant rain here in Austin for near on 2 months which is great for the greenbelt though not so good for the floodgate operations on Tom Miller damn. I was hoping the raging torrent of water chugging through Town Lake had not swept my beloved carp into the gulf.

Recently I had discovered a trail next to the greenbelt (the greenbelt is a 10min walk from where I live) which leads straight down to Barton Springs Pool. So I have been taking my little lab for walks along this trail and then hiking over to Town Lake to check for any carp activity. I was checking in areas where there was less current as you would probably need a 2lb lead to hold bottom in the main stream, besides the fact you could never hold free offerings on the bottom. The outlet to Shoal Creek seemed a likely spot. I was feeling good about my choice as I know carp can swim against a strong current I just believe if they have the choice they wouldn't.

I started fishing about midday, was getting a lot of little tugs from turtles (I know they were turtles as I reeled one in) as where I was fishing was pretty shallow. At about 12.25pm I got a screamer, hit it - connected and basically reeled it in, no fight at all until I got it in the net then it went nutz. A perfect 29lb 12oz common carp (see above and 2 below)


The first pic I took in the weigh sling a I was on my own, after I weighed it I thought I need a pic of me holding this beautiful fish, so I asked a trusting looking guy to come over and take a couple of pics for me.

A while later this guy came down with his son who was visiting from New Mexico to do a drawing of the scenery. We got chatting and I got my digital camera out to show him the fish I had just caught. At about 1.30pm I got a screamer, again no fight, this guy helped out with the landing net. I hadn't even got it out of the net onto the unhooking mat when the left hand rod went, this time we had a fight, it went tearing off on a couple of 20-30 yard runs. While I am fighting this fish I am trying to instruct the Father and Son on how to get this carp out of the net onto the unhooking mat, so I can use it to land this other fish, after a while the Father brings the landing net over while the Son keeps hold of the Carp on the mat, thanks guys I would have been in a right muck and fuddle without your help. the first one loooked huge to me, I really thought it was going to hit 30lb and was surprised as hell to find out it barely hit 25lb.


Surprisingly the second one that tore off and fought like a good one was only 14lb (see below) I am wondering if the larger fish are tiring quicker in the flow due to their larger surface. Anyway all good fun and I am beginning to enjoy this floodwater carp fishing.


Catching two fish at the same time is beginning to happen a lot (I know they swim in shoals which would explain this as they move around together then sweep up the food and move out) so I am wondering what other carp anglers would do given this exact same scenario and say for arguments sake their is nobody else around. In the past I have had two in the landing net at once though in this scenario it would not have been possible if I had been completely on my own. Any suggestions guys and gals? Should I just buy another landing net? I think we need a forum what do y'all think?

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