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Fight of my life at Town Lake. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mickleburgh   
Monday, 06 August 2007 07:02

Wow what a day, I guess I got down to the Lake about 12.30pm. I decided to fish the outlet to shoal creek again as there was still one flood gate open, no white water this time though it would still be pretty hard to img_1586.jpgkeep free offerings on the bottom. The lake looked really shallow and about 100 yards in front of me a young kid got out of his kayak and was standing in less than 6 inches of water, so I decided to fish more into the lake than the outlet. I found out later with the help of a depth finder I was fishing in about 8 feet of water. I'm used to fishing in 20 feet of water where turtles are not a problem. Putting it quite mildly today the turtles were being a pain in the a**, the bite alarms kept bleeping as the turtles tried to get my rubber corn off the hair rig. I ended up putting the swingers in front of the alarms, ok that meant I would miss any drop back bite though I found it was worth not having to listen to the constant beeps besides I am watching the rods 99% of the time. Also I lumped in a ton of bait hoping it would take them ages to get to my hook bait, which seemed to work for while though it didn't result in any bites. Hours passed with nothing happening except the turtles kept trying to get the rubber corn off and the beer was quickly disapearing when this guy on a mobility scooter turns up and ask if he can fish img_1585_1.jpgnext to me, "sure you can". It ends up this guy had emailed me after finding this website and asked if I wanted to go fishing with him, I had replied though he never got it, I was wondering why I didn't get a response back. Anyway Brian I resent it again today and it came back again with this response "Client host rejected: Resource unavailable - listed by external RBL" if you are reading this. So you for sure have something wrong with your email. Anyway Brian is a funny guy and kept me plenty amused in between the millions of carp I wasn't catching. So Brian is trying to reinvent the wheel with his new rigs and baits, I am sworn to secrecy so I am not able to divulge anymore information though I can tell you I will not be adopting his methods anytime soon - if you get my drift. However Brians methods were good for catching turtles as you can see by the picture.
turtle_img_1584_1.jpgAfter plenty of fun I eventually got a run which I hit and missed, I mean that hardly ever happens when you are using a bolt rig, right?

Brian's friend Tommi decides she wants to have a go at fishing and within 5 mins she catches another turtle. If anybody reading this has any good tactics to get around the turtle problem please feel free to write about it on this website. So out of the blue about 6.15pm I got a screamer I lifted the rod and it tore off - I mean tore off - the clutch was just screaming and within seconds it was 2/3rds of the way across the lake there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it, let alone turn it round, and I was using pretty heavy gear a 12 foot 3lb test curve Nash carp rod, a Shimano 10k Aero with the clutch set pretty high and 30lb power pro. The most amazing thing was this carp (or was it a train) was going upstream. I was getting very excited I have been carping for 36 years caught several 30lb carp and have never ever experienced a fish fight like this, nothing even close not even 20% of this fight. Brian was telling me to jump in the lake, I really didn't think it would make much difference at this point in the fight cuz the fish was right over the other side of the lake and I thought the extra height might actually be helpful rather than a hinder. I wish this picture could have shown the entire rod so you could see how bent over it was.

So back to the fight, it stopped for a moment (I guess to briefly catch its breath), I was thinking ok great maybe I can turn it, nope it just tore off again, it done this several times (prolly running 15-20 yards each time) after the intial run. It eventualy stopped I can only imagine how close it got to the other side maybe it ran out of lake and thats why it decided to go upstream. So I eventually get it turned only to have it take back the ground I had gained, so I am reeling in while lowering the rod then pumping up the rod and each time this fish would tear off again - I am just in a state of complete disbelief. I am saying to everyone "just lately the mid double's have fought harder than 20 's" though who am I trying to kid? This had both weight and speed. Brian is saying things like this has got to be a state record I am not saying much except "Wahoo look at this mother f**ker go." I don't know how many minutes had gone by before I started getting him in though everytime I made headway this carp would just take back the ground it had lost. So I decide to tighten the clutch up a one notch and then I started to pump it in and this fish is not having any of it, I see a swirl of the surface then it lunged and everything went loose the hook had came out. I didn't even swear, I was in a daze, I think all I said is something like "it's off".

I would like for anyone who has caught a 40lb out of town lake to let me know if this is how they fight. 8pm came and I packed up. I will never know.

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