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Floodgates dont seem to help the Carp Fishing much. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Saturday, 25 August 2007 19:00

I believe I blanked two more times between the last post I made on 6th August. Even with the floodgates partially opened the fishing in the main stream is not so good. I guess it's because you can keep free offerings where you want them. Once I tried my usual 1st Street bridge spot and the last time I moved to the other side of the bridge where it is much more sheltered from the main flow hoping that we can keep bait on the bottom, I had a couple of small runs one of which snapped the ready made hook length. I really don't know why I bother with them probably too lazy to tie my own more like; anyway back to this fishing session.

fishfinder.gifI met up with Billy who contacted me via this website on the sheltered side of 1st Street bridge this time with a new toy. I bought a ParanhaMax 230 fishfinder in an attempt to find out where all the Carp went after the floods. This model you can attach the green object seen in the picture to your line and cast it out to see whats going on under the water. We found them very easily at the bottom of of a steep ledge only about 30 yards out. I knew the ledge was there from fishing that spot before and knowing how much line goes out once the lead hits the water. We pilled in loads of bait and just kept getting taps and 6 inch runs. I am wondering are they bloody turtles again or are they buffs? Well it's like this nearly all day long and nothing. I am saying to Billy this will be about my 4th session in a row I have blanked. I am thinking I am not going to bother until the finish with the floodgates. You know and I know you can't just sit at home twiddling your fingers cuz the Carp are not exactly throwing themselves at you. Just lately I have been packing up just before dark to go home get freshened up and have a night in front of the TV with a bottle of Monopolowa Vodka and grapefruit, today the pressure was to break this spell of blanking and as it was getting dark earlier I stayed. Oh I forgot another reason we stayed was cuz we were wired on red bull as the Flugtag was the day before I think or was that the week before? Anyway, we been given a ton of left over Red Bull and we were wired. About 8.45pm screaming run and my blanking spell was over albeit an early double it was a real relief to be back catching. looks like I caught of bit of sun in the picture oh and of course we have to refer to Town Lake as Ladybird Lake now.

carp fish
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