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Our new Carp Fishing secret or now I guess Technique. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Mick   
Saturday, 22 September 2007 19:20

billy-rods-kayak.jpgOK so this fishfinder worked well casting it out; with a Kayak it works even better. One of us goes out in the Kayak and look for fish then cast to where they are or take your rig and bait out to where they are. Sounds simple right? We couldn't find any fish.

I had decided to give Mopac bridge a go as a guy (I met down the Lake) called JD (he recognised me from this website) told me had caught a 35lb out from under Mopac a week or 2 before. Oh quickly do you know why MoPac is called MoPac? Nope you are wrong; it is nothing to do with the railroad, its called MoPac as it Mopacked than any other road in Austin ha! Anyway as I said we could not find any fish the first time around, I always have it set to only show big fish. We did identify a nice little gully no more than 15' out and once you were more than 30' out the bottom is flat at a steady 15' deep. I like structures so I put my left hand rod out to the first bridge strutt and the other two rods out 20 yards apart in this gully.

Lots of little runs similar to last week. I use quite large hooks with homeny (mostly) on a short hair on a bolt rig. I am nearly convinced they are buff bites if not turtles. Anyway, I went out for a trip on the kayak and just to the right of me (behind a tree so I could not cast to it ) in this gully there were 3-4 large fish, so I baited up to them and back to where we were fishing. PS we had found we got a lot more of these little bites after we baited up; this trip I had stuck out more bait than my old South of France trips 18 or more years before. In just a few hours we had got through 8kg's of Buckeye Blend 4 tins creamed corn, 3kgs scopex boilies and a tin of hominy. I went round for another trip in the kayak the large Carp were still in the gully moving around slightly though nowhere to where I could cast to. This time there were a couple of large fish to the left of me round about where Billy was fishing.

rods-kayak-billy.jpg Once again a lot of 3-6" runs a few really slow runs some maybe 6 feet, it was almost like the current was taken the gear downstream though there was no current as at last they had completely closed the floodgates. At about 6.45pm we got what we were waiting for a full on screaming run on the left hand rod a couple of nice runs and in she came, not a big fish though a welcome catch. For a while there it was a bit hectic with small runs nothing connecting until it was about dark another good run I hit it, the clutch screamed for about 2 seconds snap another bloody pre tied hook length this one a Gardner. Anyway I do not recommend Nash or Gardner pre tied hook lengths for Town Lake (Ladybird Lake) fishing. This year they have cost me dearly, the only ones that can handle this fishery are the Pallatrax Rigs which everybody seems to be out of. David from BCT said tie ya own - so that is what I done I tied about 10 rigs in about 30 mins and guess what you can do them exactly how you want them and next week you will see they worked rather too well.


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