Rainy windy 1st Street Bridge Print
Written by Kevin Mickleburgh   
Sunday, 07 March 2010 09:05
I got here at 11pm and put my bivvy up straight away as there was 80% chance of rain. Temp 58F. First fish 17lb 12oz on left rod about 60 yards. About 12:30pm


Second fish came about 2:45pm on middle rod at about 50 yards. I hit just a tap on the rod tip and connected. These fish are really orange and gold. This one weighed 16lb something.


Location:S 1st St,Austin,United States

OK, so this iPhone BlogPress app is far from good when adding pictures as it adds the pics vertical and there is no way to add them horizontal, hence when I get home I have to open up photoshop and correct this which is a major pain in the butt as the whole idea of this was to add these blogs whilst fishing not waste time when I'm supposed to be working.

So the location my iPhone gave me when I uploaded the pictures are scary and (click the location link above) I will have to remember not to use that function if I want to keep anything secret.

My left boot has a hole and I'm soaked up to the knee, I'm glad I'm only fishing for 5 or 6 hours.

At about 4:30pm the rod I have out slightly under 1st Street bridge goes, it quickly turns out from under the bridge which is surprising as they usualy want to tear off underneath the bridge. Anyway my middle rod goes, to start off with I think the first fish has snagged the line but as the fish turns to my right I realise I have another fish on by the time I get the first fish in the net the other fish is under the bridge heading for Waco. The Shimano's hold a lot of line and there is a good bit of it out. Anyway I have one fish in the net (it's times like this I'm glad I got a 50" landing net) and the other god knows how far out. My right fore arm is getting sore after pumping this fish in which seems like I've been forever, it's not fighting much which is probably a good job anyway long story short I get it to within 25 yards of the bank and it gets snagged so I start wondering if this might be a chance to unhook the first fish but before I could even lay my rod down the fish came free and after a few more minutes I slid the second (larger of the two) fish in the net. I'm getting pretty good at getting two in the same net at the same time without letting the other get out.





Another view to show how fat the second fish was:




The first was 17lb 7oz and the second was 27lb 15oz.

Finally about 5:30pm I caught another small common an ounce short of 13lb.