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terminology; anything to add or edit
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TOPIC: terminology; anything to add or edit
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terminology; anything to add or edit 8 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 1
I'm not sure... if this is the place to do this... but with the idea, that this forum is meant to inform USA anglers about European carp techniques I think it would be VERY information if the terminology were Laid out.

probably an 'article' is the best way to do it! but since this is new to me, I'd rather post what I got and seek further input.

I have NO qualifications for this, except that I've spent many a long hour trying to figure out, what the heck ppl are talking about, when they throw out these terms!

my first page is in the next post. looking foward to feedback.

I think this site REALLY needs something like this, since many Americans will stumble onto this site, knowing nothing about these techniques and feel confused by all the european terminology; which is so much better understood and easier to see in other places.
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Re:terminology; anything to add or edit 8 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 1
Bankfishing- Either 1) any fishing done on the bank OR 2) fishing from the bank using European tackle and tactics that try to draw in the fish with baits, Rather than the philosophy of moving to a number of underwater structures to appeal to dispersed predators. Bankfishing (2) is most effective for fish that form big schools and patrol the water for vegetable & insect life, such as carp.
Bolie – a ball of boiled flavored seeds. These are very common baits and come in a great variety.
Bolt rig, fixed –a rig that connects the hook to a heavy weight. When the fish panics,or bolts the resistance of the sinker causes the hook to catch, ensuring a perfect hookset. With the fixed bolt rig, the rig is directly tied onto the line, and can kill a fish if the line were to break during the fight.
Bolt rig, Semi fixed- a bolt rig where a release is placed on the sinker so that when pulled hard, the sinker detaches. This is more ethical should the line break.
Coarse angling-An European term to mean fishing for anything except for trout or salmon. It too was derogatory, but European zeal towards such fish, particularly carp, has redefined the word. In the US, ‘US Coarse angling’ is preferred over the Trash (or rough) fishing
Ethics- A set of ‘gentlemen’ rules that sportsman follow to ensure the safety of the fish, and respect to other anglers. These rules generally imply Catch & Release, ethical rigs that don’t hurt the fish (such as ensuring that all seeds are boiled & bolts are semi fixed), and not crowding on a persons baited spot or swim.
Groundbait- the introduction of free offering that is to spread out & cover the ground to attract fish to a specific spot.
Hair rig- a basic rig that allow one to place the bait beyond the shank of the hook on a hair. This allow the fish to mouth the bait without feeling the hook
Helicopter rig- A heavy sinker is placed at the bottom of the line, with the hook, attached, to a rotating bead above the sinker.
Match fishing- a fishing contest entirely done bank-fishing style and with specific rules. Unlike other tournament fishing, every fish counts and experts often catch astronomical amounts of little fish, with the winner being the angler whom can catch a few extra carp or buffalo.
Method, the – a specific technique where a the hooked bait is placed in the middle of a large clump of groundbait, which disperses into the water once paced around a feeder and then casted into the water.
Running Ledger rig- a Rig where the line passes through a heavy sinker and is then tied to a swivel. This allows the fish to run without feeling any weight.
Swim- A generic term for a chosen place to fish. Since bankfishing emphasizes feeding to draw in fish, it is unusually rude and unethically for an angler to intrude on another sportsman’s swim. Avid carp fishermen often prebait his favorite swim and thus, it is unethical for another angler to fish over it.
Spod- a feeder that can be cast allowing the angler to bait a place he cannot reach by a catapault.
Trash fish (Rough fish)-A derogatory word that Americans give to certain bottom feeding fish. At one point, Americans were very biased towards fishing for top-level predators or fish that were widely considered delectable and relatively bone-less. These became sportsfish. Smaller handsized relatively boneless fish such as sunfish and crappie became panfish. Many native and introduced fish were relatively unpopular with the new sports fishermen and then got labeled with these terms.
Waggler- a very sensitive float that is connected to the line at its bottom and has an antenna tip. it is used to detect a very light bite.
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