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a novice gives bread a try!
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TOPIC: a novice gives bread a try!
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a novice gives bread a try! 8 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 1
Well, I've been asking questions and seeking input for awhile... and finally water has diminished enough to give it a try...

Soo I think I'm ready and I head down to my winter, 'hotwater', hotspot. and try to form theres a good pack of them wallowing along the shore- in very shallow water.

I've all bristling with homemade new rigs trying to copy what I’ve been reading about. Roughly the idea was something like a running ledger /hair rig with hopefully enough weight (4oz) to mimic a inline “bolt” rig… or something like that.

And a little bread.

So I start the night by chumming. NOT a lot of reaction and the bread is floating down the river- still I think perhaps they were cow down once a leave them alone some, and a few more pieces of bread later- I go try to find walleye, bass, and perhaps a pike…

That goes relatively well and I come back quietly and bait up.

A little more chum; the fish seem a little more active. That honkin’ 4 oz rig, EASED into the water. And in maybe thirty seconds- a quick pull. I grab the rod and rear back and pop! The whole stinkin’ rig disintegrates in my hand. I wasn’t even sure whether I felt a fish or just that whoppin’ 4oz rig tumblin’ in the river.

The fish ease a little further out, since I made a commotion. But there certainly still there. Alas, my only hair rig- Was it important??? Ok, what do I have left? Some swivels, some leader 8# test, and a hook. Ok~ maybe it will work! Again I bait up, a little more chum.

And out it goes. It slowly falls along the very edge of the river- and I see the carp ‘rise’ for it. AWESOME! It was an easy strike, I could see it and I felt it. Again the big pull, a heavy pull back and a truly big carp makes a brilliant roll not 15 feet from me… he pulls the rod tip down with the weight of a tree trunk and – SNAP… suddenly the line falls limp. It snapped beyond the swivel, just where the 8# is. Apparently an 8# test ISN’T a good idea. Ok, the carp aren’t hook shy, maybe they aint line shy…

For the whole pack though a little more shaken is definitely still there. No just a small swivel and hook. Kind of excited and didn’t chum. They all kind of looking at me- maybe glaring a little! I silently dare me to spurn the next offering. If there there, I think, surely they’ll strike.

And yep, even with hardly tackle, and having to move way too much- another big boy strike. The bread, I notice, though is freezing and getting hard to mold. A great big take! And OH MY GOSH, again the thing ‘snaps’ under pressure. The STUPID *$@Q* swivel failed!

This is ready starting to spook the school! I’ve got to take that swivel off. But this is starting to get hard. First the bread is nearly not modeable and is falling off and disintegrating. Next the carp have eased off some making- the further cast REALLY , REALLY hard in the breeze. But I get it out there and it comes within inches of the shore… I am about ready to bring it in, when I see a slow motion downstream. One of the smaller ones in working its way up. And on it comes with maybe a foot of my foot, and ‘sip’ and – YES!

FINALLY a got solid heavy TAKE. There is no nothing left but a relatively tough size 8 hook and 20 # ‘big game’ test. Quite the fight- as I always notice with carp and WAY later than I’d think for ‘one of the smaller ones’ I bring the bad boy in!

Smaller? Still 21”! that’s ‘smaller’ – well remember getting the occasional big carp on chicken liver- they ARE monsters. With him ‘in’ the school is now gone. They looked at first a little interested but I guess a neighbor feller gasping in the air- is cue for them to leave. Just as well, the hook is bent, my tackle is inadequate, the wind is blowing & The bread is both Frozen and nearly gone.


NOT EUROPEAN RIGS is worth ANYTHING if the tackle is inadequate for the job. These are powerful fish. The adage is ‘think trout’, but trout can not half drag you into the river. Those swivels were ‘trout’ sized, but entirely wrong.

Maybe hairless rigs are great ideas. But they gotta be right& I think I’m better off buying them. No fancy ‘bolt rigs’ these fish are never pressured. Plain ole simple caroline rig ‘running ledger??’ is good enough. And if not that just a little split shot.

CARP are not always cautious chewers.

I THINK chummin’ really helped. And bet these carp would have been VERY reluctant chewers had they not been feed. next time I'm bringing something better, some mixed groundbait perhaps THEN a little bread. perhaps with better chum the school wouldn't have entirely left.

No need to move when you see a school of carp; apparently at least with fish that are never pressured you CAN catch ones that can see you and might be even very close.

I’M hooked with carp fishing. THEY ALWAYS were powerful fun fish to catch. I was TOO meat oriented before and now with a full freezer and no inclination to harvest anything I have new appreciation for the fish.-- PS that 'smaller carp' was everybit the fight that the bigger 33" pike offered upstream.
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Re:a novice gives bread a try! 8 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 15
Congrats! You are on your way to some big fish. Gear up and you will be succesful I'm sure. BTW, I wouldnt recommend split shot as the crimping action will damage and cause a weak spot in the line. Use a quality knot such as the palomar knot (my fav) Here is a link for the diagram Keep us posted on how it goes.
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