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Plan B 8 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 1
The BIG plan “B”

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Well last night was supposed to be the night I ‘tried’ out my new fish finder for walleyes…BUT. The kids stayed up and I found myself heading out Too late to deal with all the work of a canoe.

So I decided that my hotwater “hotspot” was the big plan B. unfortunately, being a temporary plan I was unable to get together some of the modest tackle improvement I had bought- and again had no improved chumming mix… but what was working will surely work again, right??

Yes. The last two days and some decrease in river discharge has brought even more carp in the mix. And I am buggin’ out on the sheer number as I start throwing the initial feed.
A little while later (I do some futile walleye fishin’ as I’m waiting for the carp to switch to feeding mode).. and I’m ready to begin, with that bare basics rig; nothing but big line and a small hook!

In a very short time I have delicately played out the hook and the bread is falling into a likely hole tight against a wall! A good take & I pull back. Fish on! A good ole’ fight as the carp heads under an oil skimmer… and DANG it! fearing the worse, I’m relieved when I see hook. NO this wasn’t a failure in tackle. The big pull of a large fish ISN’T got the hookset that a quick little jerk has & I need to remember to give a quick jerk to make sure we’re solid.

Again one fish doesn’t seem to have done much to the school.

So again I throw. This time, the fish seem strangley reluctant, put one fish sneaks under the boom, and vacuums it. learning my lesson, a quick jerk and that fish is ON. That’s a nice one!!! And it bolts upstream. And runs through the fast water, paces up and down a wall. Its refusing to give up but that hook-up IS solid. If this were ANYOTHER fish, it’d have to be 30”+!! After a little while against an arm not used to this game of Indian arm wresting,,, and its finally in. 25”! good.

The next few throws though test my patience. The school is far from gone; but it seems to have gotten lockjaw. Now the moving bread sometimes spooks the fish on approach; rather than that ever satisfying curiosity bite, falling bread seem to incur bad vibes. A brief bit of luck upstream some. I put my rod down and one of the fish got curious. Again, good technique leads to the big fight! I’m Getting it! I think. A bit less; its still 23” but that has made a substancial difference on weight.

A weight so long for another bite, that I throw a few jigs in the midst. There’s several walleye hanging out WITH and LIKE the carp; in VERY shallow water and near the top of the water column. Perhaps both are hunting nymphs in the artificially warmed water?? A couple brief scuffles; this is pretty embarrassingly bad for me- I’ve now got like no walleye in 5 strikes.

Back to carp, with new bouts of chumming. After a bunch of spooked reactions, I examine the bite. There’s just a bit of hook showing. That is I think bad. I rebait and head back towards the boom.

And happening as quick as when I first tried it, a fish, hard to see on the bottom sucks it in. a definite flick and a BIG flash. That’s a bigger one. And that was QUITE the fight, the leads me up and down the pools and seams of the whole hotspot like a huge dog dragging its hapless owner from smell to tantalizing smell. Happily he is keeping away from the oil skimmer—(my only hidden fear that somehow he would pry the line off somehow with it)… and a good bit later on,he’s finally docile. Coming in panting and taken the sudden lunge out of the shallows. A definitive tightening of the line and grabbing the hulk of the fish; its official 27”! not a pb- but definitely a pbest while carp fishing. (I think my biggest accidental carp was a huge 32”er). No idea how big! But fat quite fat! 27” cats often hover around the 10# mark, I have no doubt the fish (barely) hit double digit poundage. So BIG and powerful compared to any OTHER fish; on the other a few members of the school dwarf this one...

Ok, its late. I chum a bit- to hopefully turn ‘on’ this school more to bread. And do a little last minute walleye fishing… and that turns out well! two in five casts. The last eye is pretty big 25”, and works out to be the biggest in perhaps a month- maybe top five of the year. As nice at that was I see another eye that absolutely dwarves them all, looking a bit like an awesome long and thin carp. That monster is certainly 30”+!... but even so knowing walleye the rivers prime walleye trophy prolly isn’t the mighty battle that an upper “middle-class” carp is(although surely that eye was a good 7” and a number of pounds lighter).


Anyways, last time was four on the line and one fish; ---this time four on the line and three fish. We’re doing quite well, and I’m going to try being MUCH better prepared for ‘the next carp outing’ – with among other equiptment- a camera!

I am kind of curious why the school turned off like that, but I suspect this is something only the fish can truly answer. I also suspect that even though chumming with bread works; it BARELY works. The bread floats often moving to cracks tight to shore and keep away from the carp. These carp seem to be VERY unwilling to hit things hit in the water column or even drifting down… in these carps world; food goes up (nymphs) it doesn’t fall from the sky. In other words, you’d be suspicious even a big ole’ steak lazing drifted in front of you.. and being unfamiliar and with nearby motion along the shore. This fishing on the drop Isn’t the way to go.

Instead a good groundbait with stuff that smells good and doesn’t move-makes more sense.
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