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Written by Heuschrecke   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 23:16
When all else fails to produce... When you think the fish just aren't there remember the first carp you ever caught. Odds are your like me and it fell to a very simple hair rig with a piece or two of sweetcorn threaded on. I recently caught myself going nuts trying to make the perfect method mix to fish a tiny rubber particle behind and was catching quite often but I still was blanking occasionally. I tried tying more complex rigs like the blow back and 360 but that didn't seem to help. I had conceded that the fish had been pressured enough that I was going to have to start pre-baiting days before I fished and when I got to my swim I was going to have to throw everything including the kitchen sink at them to catch. The other day my friend came in town to fish and he brought a 5gal bucket of maize he had cooked up the night before. He tossed out three rods and spodded about thrice over each and bang first take. This continued all weekend as I kept moulding giant balls of method and pulling in a third the number of fish the maize was. Just goes to show you that sometimes simple is indeed better.
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