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Written by chris bennett   
Saturday, 26 May 2007 15:01

Hi everyone,

I?m originally from England but now to college in New Jersey via 2 years in Kentucky. I used to go fishing every couple of weeks with my Dad when I was England, Carp being the main target. I was looking to take up fishing again (I have not been fishing since I left England) and was really excited to find that carp angling is growing. I prefer float fishing to any other method. I think this can be explained by my first catch on a new rod in England. There is one lake by where I lived with carp mainly ranging from 5-12 lb with the few larger specimens (I think the lake record was in the 40?s). To make the experience more fun I used to use a light line (around 6lb hook length). My new rod happened to be christened by a 21lb mirror carp. The 45min it took to bring in was tiring, exciting and extremely lucky! It was not the largest I have caught but the light tackle made it the most rewarding.

I would be interested to know if anyone would know where I could obtain a float rod and reel at a reasonable price (I am a student!). I have tried googeling for local tackle shops and all that comes up is sports authority, and they only have spinning and fly rods. I would also be interested in somewhere that sells barb-less hooks.

Thanks LB

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