Carping Cali Print
Written by chris bennett   
Saturday, 28 February 2009 07:14
Hello carp fans. I am mostly a bass fisherman but a recent fishing trip really got me thinking about carp. I was spot fishing for bass when I noticed some hugh yellow golden fish swim under my boat. I threw out everything from nightcrawlers to lures but nothing got this carps attention. It wasnt untill I went home and researched carp that I realized carp only eat certian types of bait. I stocked up on some carp bait and recently went back out in search of my first carp and landed about a 4 pounder. It wasnt the largest carp i had seen but it was a great first carp. Also, that carp gave me one good fight with my 6lb test bass rig. I still love bass but carps are my new favorite.