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The Common Carp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Novak   
Sunday, 11 March 2007 04:10
The common carp. Over the years we've heard the best baits to use, the best times to fish and the best gear used for carp fishing. The fact is, carp are just like any other species in that sometimes the traditional baits do not work. Have you ever gone to the lake with all that gear already to go and fish for hours with nothing more than a little nibble and here comes a local boy with his little rod and a handful of pieces of hotdog and within minutes is landing a carp. I've been there. Same goes for the gear. Some will bring that hefty "manly" rod and reel and witness the same boy fight the carp with a small rod. The point is carp fishing can be as diverse as any other type of fishing. What works today might not work tomorrow. Although I will not give up on the traditional baits such as my favorite the strawberry doughball, other methods will work too. The time of day can also surprise you. During the season changes, many will fish early morning and after dusk in the spring and change their time of day with the season. This has proven to be accurate over the years but you should not overlook other times that you don't see in books. I guess the moral to this story is JUST GO CARP FISHING! We all are busy in our everyday lives and the one day you have nothing to do and want to go carp fishing but feel they're probably not biting today or its too cold etc.. That may have been the best carp fishing day you ever had.
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