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Written by Jason Bernhardt   
Friday, 05 June 2009 11:29
This is a report of the 2009 CARP Tournament Series Northeast Rewgionals held May 16-19 in Baldwinsville, NY.  43 teams combined caught over 33,000 pounds of carp!

The 2009 CARP Tournament Series held May 14-16 in Baldwinsville, NY was once again a great success. Hosted by The Red Mill Inn since 2007, this event featured 42 two-person teams that fished for 50 consecutive hours and collectively combined to haul in over 33,000 pounds of 10 lb. carp.

The winners were Tom Brooks and Colin Peters of North Carolina with 182 carp caught for a total of 2,804 pounds, a feat earning them $3000. This team has been to all three Baldwinsville tournaments from ‘07-’09 and has finished 2nd, 3rd, and 1st, respectively, during that time.

The second place finisher was Eric Ames and Steve Ware of Baldwinsville’s RJ Ortlieb Construction with 174 carp caught for a total weight of 2504 pounds, earning them $2500 plus an additional $1000 as the top performing local team in the tournament.

The winner of the big fish category were brothers James and Andrew Deeley who brought in a 34 pound carp, a feat earning them $1000.

A team was sponsored by The Red Mill Inn consisting of JGB Properties’ Jason Bernhardt, Parsons/McKenna’s Jim McKenna, and Red Mill Inn General Manager Steve Einbinder (the team’s ‘runner’). This is the first time the pair has fished together in this tournament. Overall, the two hauled in 56 carp for a total weight of 844 pounds, earning them 17th place.

Runner Einbinder was responsible for netting the fish and assisting in bait preparation, while Bernhardt and McKenna were responsible for casting and reeling in each catch.

Carp tournament once again a great success
Carp tournament once again a great success
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During the early evening Friday night, Bernhardt had a fish on his line that would later prove to be the team’s largest carp for the tournament. A strong fighter, Bernhardt needed nearly ten minutes to reel in this fish that would not stop resisting.

Noting an angler was taking such a long time to haul in his catch and suspecting it must be a big one, many spectators began congregating behind Team Red Mill Inn, anxiously awaiting their carp to arrive.

As the fish approached the shoreline, Einbinder was knee-deep in the river manuevering the net to secure the carp. At the last moment, the carp managed to wiggle its way free of the net, but Steve was not to be defeated.

Bernhardt shouted to Einbinder, “Just let him go; he’s still on the line!”

Einbinder, determined not to let the fish get the best of him, replied, “No, I’ve got it!” At that time, Einbinder made a valiant leap into the Seneca River, almost completely submerged in the frigid water. After a few seconds of struggle, he emerged from the surface bear hugging a 23 pound, 9 ounce common carp. The growing audience in attendance then burst into a roar of applause and praise for the runner’s efforts.

Although they finished far from winning any prize money, both Bernhardt and McKenna said they had a great time and vow to return next year to improve on this year’s results. Asked whether or not he’d again jump in the cold river to secure a carp for his team, Einbinder replied, “In a heartbeat.”

Those wishing to learn more about the annual Baldwinsville tournament, future angling tournaments, or carp angling in general, please visit The Baldwinsville event is listed under the Northeast Regional tournament link.

The 2010 CARP Tournament Series Northeast Regional will again return to Baldwinsville, May 12-15.

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