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How to make an Oats / Oatmeal Pack bait for carp fishing tutorial
This video is showing you how to make a very basic Oats Packbait for carp fishing. Its a very easy mix with a grain , binder and a flavor and that\'s it. It works very very well and you will be surprised with the results.
Ingredients will be one large tub of Old Fashion Oats (42 oz) One Can of cream style corn, 1 capful of CC Moore Pineapple flavoring and the CC Moore Maize flour is optional. The flour will make the pack slower to break down so this will help on rivers or very windy days for the bait to break slower.
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Music created by Brian Wingard  specifically for this video and used with express written permission for commercial use; created in MAGIX Music Maker using exclusive loops and samples provided by that program and licensed for use in commercial projects.

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