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Hello, I'm french and with a friend we finished a fiction about carp fishing. We think that you can be interested by this free production: the voice above the reeds
Cette histoire commence en revenant sur les lieux de mon enfance. Matériel de pêche en main, je revenais à la rencontre des moments que j\\\\\\\'avais laissés derrière moi quelques années auparavant...

This story begins back in my childhood. Fishing tackle in hand, I wanted to go back to the places I\\\\\\\'d left behind...

Avec le soutien de Carpe Passion 63.
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50lb Carp caught in Lady Bird Lake

I found a video of myself on youtube. The lady who took the video thought it was 50lb. On that day (15th March)  I caught 6 common carp between 12lb - 30lb 8oz  and a grass carp of 31lb 8oz. All fish were released. You can see some of the pictures of that day here. As she said I got another fish while one was in the net I know that the only 2 fish I caught close together were 3.25pm on the middle rod I caught a 30lb 8oz common and at 3.30pm on the left rod I caught the grass carp at 31lb 8oz. So from that I can assume the carp in the video was the 30lb 8oz comon carp. Below is what the lady had written on youtube:

50lb Carp caught in Lady Bird Lake

I caught this man reeling in a 50 lb carp out of Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) in Austin TX. It was entertaining to watch and before he could even get it out of the net - another rod went off with another huge fish caught. The first carp weighed about 50 lbs - the second one weighed 32 lbs. The bigger one was kept, the smaller one was released. I wish I had gone down on ground level to get a close up - we were standing on a bridge well above the water.

Click here to see some of the pictures of that day.


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The Bramleys Fish the 2008 N.E. Regional Carp Tournament
John and Angela Bramley, originally from the UK, have been fishing together since they first met and regularly fish competitively as a husband and wife team. The Bramleys travel to fishing events as a family - their two young sons, Matthew and Nathan, and even their dog Babs made the trip from their home in North Carolina to the American Carp Society 2008 Baldwinsville, NY Northeast Regionals, May 14-17, 2008. Visit http://www.syracuse.com for more news and multimedia.
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